Group 3 Final Project

Group three’s final project has a video about the Red Hare Brewery, a photo story about the brewing process of Scofflaw Brewery, a sidebar about the brewery laws in Georgia, and finally a magazine article about the history of beer. Scofflaw Brewing Process Brewery Customer Retention When Beer Changed in Georgia Beer’s Roots Advertisements

Beer’s Roots

By KEVIN ENNERS MARIETTA, Ga. – Since its humble beginning, beer has evolved from ale to lager to specialty brew, spawning the explosion of the craft beer industry. American history is brimming with tales of beer and its place in the growth of a nation. Journals found on the Mayflower indicate the Pilgrims landed at … More Beer’s Roots

Group 2 Final Project

Exploring Atlanta’s Poetry Scene In Atlanta, you’ll find an interesting sub-culture shared by many of Atlanta’s most creative poets. Many cafes, including Urban Grind in Midtown and Java Monkey in Decatur host poetry nights throughout the week and invite artist of all levels of experience. These are nights of honesty, rawness and fellowship. People of … More Group 2 Final Project

Keeping Her Promise

By Andrew Connard ATLANTA—Theresa Davis made the decision to take her critically ill father off life support 14 years ago and lives every day remembering the promise she made to him during their final conversation. “The last conversation we had together was about reclaiming control over my life and being a writer again,” Davis said. … More Keeping Her Promise

Poetry as a Performance: Exploring the Culture of Spoken Word in Atlanta

By KAITLYN LEWIS and ANDREW CONNARD Spoken word poetry culture goes far beyond writing and performing poetry. It is an interconnected community of people from many different backgrounds supporting each other as they grow into their own voices.             ATLANTA—“Poetry is an opportunity to share your insides,” slam poet Nikki Gray said in between performances. … More Poetry as a Performance: Exploring the Culture of Spoken Word in Atlanta